Wampiriada – student honorary blood donations

Have a heart, donate blood!

Wampiriada is a cyclical project of the Independent Students' Association, promoting selfless help for others by donating blood, registering in the database of potential bone marrow donors and spreading the idea of ​​saving lives. We operate according to the principle: "1 donation = 3 lives!".

Our project is under the Honorary Patronage of the Ministry of Health.

Where are we?

Wampiriada is organized in cooperation with Regional Blood Donation and Blood Medicine Centers at several dozen universities throughout Poland. In individual regions, blood donation campaigns take place cyclically in several editions. The collections are accompanied by additional events. We have recently been opening ourselves to other initiatives. We established cooperation with Polish National Railways and started collecting at train stations, so blood donation as part of the Wampiriada was also possible during the holiday season. We went beyond the project dedicated only for students - all travelers could donate blood.

We also appear at other events, including at Absolvent Talent Days. We are open to new initiatives to be able to do even more good!

During Wampiriada, CPR trainings are organized, and you can also register as a potential bone marrow donor.

Cooperation with partners gives you greater opportunities to act. In addition to standard gifts from RCKiK, donors also get theater tickets, books, and discount coupons. Good must be rewarded!

Wampiriada is the most recognizable initiative of the Independent Student Association.

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