How we work?

We support the cultural, scientific and social development of students. We are led by the ideas of tolerance, democracy and European integration. Our activity is divided into six separate strategic fields, each of these has different targets and assumptions, which are implemented through a specific set of projects and tasks:

  • Integration of the student community
  • Cultural activity
  • Intercultural learning
  • Creation of leaders
  • Inner development
  • Charity events

Almost every polish student has heard about our nationwide projects, such as: the Student Nobel Prize, Wampiriada - student honorary blood donations, Drogowskazy Kariery (Career Signposts), National Student Photography Competition and Student Construction Competition - KOKOS.

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In my opinion, this is exactly the most valuable thing in everything we do - that we do it together, we learn from each other, we become acquainted with our strengths and weaknesses, we often do something that seems impossible - it is viable for us, because everything we do - we do together. NZS teaches us that together we can achieve more.

Ola Pietrak

To act effectively for the benefit of the student society, we must not forget to create appropriate staff in the association. We regularly conduct internal training for our members on such issues as leadership, fundraising, image creation, project management and many others. Spread your wings with NZS!