About US

Who are we?

Independent Students' Association (NZS) is created by young people with outstanding imagination, bold ideas and great curiosity of the world. Who can work in NZS? Every student who has an ambition to create a better reality.

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I began as an ordinary sympathizer, I worked a little, I came for a few meetings. I really liked the charity and making something nice, effective and needed for students' environment.

Mariusz Białoszewski

NZS mission? Student environment mobilization and building civil society! Organize - Show - Create - Discuss. Local problems are as important for us as national, sometimes requiring cooperation with business, charity, other associations and ministries.

  • we uphold students' rights
  • we want students to be important in media, politics and business
  • we shape leaders among our members, who will start they own ideas - social and business

For sure I've learnt how to manage my and my group's time (but I still think a day has too few hours), set targets and tasks, organize projects and, first of all, my personality was shaped. I went through a lot ups and downs, but I never gave up, despite lack of energy, when I fell I raised, facing all challenges

Kornelia Pokorska

We participate in Polish social life, democratising it, developing civil rights, creative freedom, independce of science, culture and art for developing public morality. Read more:

Strike of students in 1981 "Independent Students’ Association of University of Gdańsk"